24 January 2014

Photography Bucket List

To be honest, when I finished my 365 project last year I felt a little burned out. This collection of 365 photographs has become one of my most prized possessions BUT when it was all said and done I really wanted a break from my camera.

So here I am, three weeks into the new year and I've only pulled my camera out a handful of times. While it feels liberating, (in a childish sort of way. "Nah nah!" I don't have to use you camera. I'm in charge!") I am also beginning to miss having something to work towards photographically. 

So here is my solution, a Photography Bucket List! 

This list is meant to challenge me to try new things with my camera (and try try again until I get it exactly right). A bucket list is supposed to be the ideal, "If I could go and see anything in the world..." You get the picture. I have taken some of the pictures on this list already but I am aiming for THE sunset photograph and THE b&w white portrait. I'm aiming for photographs that I LOVE and I want to blow up and show to the world.

1. family silhouetted in sunset (preferably my own)
2. lightning strike
3. rainbow
4. star movement
5. raindrops on a flower
6. ferris wheel at night
7. self-portrait
8. smiling newborn
9. four generations
10. car lights on a highway
11. bug on flower macro
12. light painting
13. sunset
14. grand canyon
15. golden gate bridge
16. grizzly bear
17. new york city skyline
18. field of wildflowers
19. hot air balloon
20. eiffel tower
21. snowflake
22. jumping
23. fireworks
24. northern lights
25. under pier
26. puddle jumping
27. pillow fight
28. panning 
29. stack of pancakes
30. raspberries
31. maine lighthouse
32. sunrise
33. denali
34. iceland
35. b&w portrait
36. moon
37. lake with a dock
38. shaped bokeh
39. dahlias
40. reflection
41. multnomah falls, or
42. cherry blossoms
43. underwater
44. engagement
45. open road
46. kiss in the rain
47. confetti
48. temple at night
49. paint fight
50. themed shoot

Here are a few of my favorite Photography Bucket Lists that I used for inspiration:
- Photography Bucket List from Click it Up a Notch
 - The Photographic 100 and 8 Types of Pictures so Amazing That All Photographers Should  Master Them from Photodoto 
- Photography Bucket List from Live Explore Click! (with free printable!)

What's on your photography bucket list? 
Anything essential I should add to mine?

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