15 September 2014

Miss Ellie: Months Two & Three

Hello Sweetheart,

These past two months have been an absolute joy with you! You have stolen all our hearts, especially your brother's. 

When you cry out he has to check on you. When you are playing on the floor he has to be near you, stroking your hair or talking really close to your face. He leans in close and whispers in your ear. 

He always wants you near him, watching him do big boy things. He pulls the boppy pillow into his room by his Legos for you to watch him play. And I won't even mention how often you have to be there when he goes to the bathroom...

You continue to love snuggles and being held. Sometimes when I hold you to my shoulder and rock you to sleep, you lift your head and give me the sweetest smile. We are loving that you are now more aware of your surroundings and our faces. It is so fun to see your excited face and kicking legs when we pick you up from your bed. 

You have us all convinced that you are just about the happiest and most perfect baby there ever was. (And we can believe that our completely biased hearts will tell us the truth every time.) Even when we had long long hours in the car driving between Las Vegas and Sacramento, you were giggling and sleeping most of the way. 

You have what I call a perma-smile! Eating, sleeping, observing, and just about everything you do, you do it with a dimpled smile on your face. In our new home in Sacramento, you are absolutely in LOVE with the ceiling fans in every room. You coo, smile, and sometimes even excitedly scream at the fan.

Did I mention that you are adorable? J loves to cuddle up to you and say, "Look mom! We are best friends! Take a picture of us!"

And I do every time!

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