05 December 2013

365: November Favorites

To be honest, I don't remember much about November. We all took turns being sick, visiting the doctor, staying in bed, losing sleep, and feeling miserable.  Besides that...I think I vaguely remember a turkey somewhere in there?

Thankfully we have all fully recovered and J is back to his bubbly happy self. Now I look at him and suddenly he is a month older and full of new tricks!

He is all about adjectives lately. His favorites are "nice" "soft" "pretty" and "crazy". (Lucky me, I get to be crazy mommy while the horse is pretty.) He also loves to use colors to describe everything. Yesterday we had a little disagreement over the color of the orange... he insisted it was yellow.

J has also become my little helper in the kitchen. He stands up on the kitchen chair while I place our ingredients on the table. He gets overzealous when scooping the flour, sugar, or cinnamon and will use any measuring spoon or cup he can find to dig in. I've learned to make recipes without eggs in the dough, like our favorite Slice of Pumpkin Spice Cookies, because he has no self-control and HAS TO taste the cookie dough. 

Last week J found a his pair of sandals and learned to put them on all by himself. Now whenever we ask him to get his shoes he grabs his sandals and insists on wearing them over his socks. Styling I know! Thankfully December in Las Vegas won't be too chilly.
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