Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with the Pieper family. We are a happy bunch who all share the first initial of J (certainly by accident, it won't happen again). We are brand new to the blogging world and are excited to share our adventures in family life, food, and photography.

I'm Jessica, the wife, mama, and family photographer. I'm a stay at home mom and a student at New York Institute of Photography. This year I have been working on a 365 photography project where I take a picture everyday for a year. Look here and here for some of my favorites.

I'm usually always the one behind the camera, so don't be surprised if you don't see me too often. 

The star of the show is little J Pieper. He is my model of choice (in case you hadn't noticed) and best buddy. His favorite things include daddy,trucks, airplanes, mommy, dogs, books, slides, and flirting with girls at the grocery store.

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