31 May 2014

Potty Train

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we wanted J to be potty trained by the time the new baby came. And by "we" of course I mean Joseph and myself because the trainee wasn't so interested.

We watched movies, read terrible books, and even sang songs about the potty. All the advice I received would naturally drive me crazy, "Just wait until he is ready." 

Two weeks ago Joseph finished grad school and we decided we would tackle the potty training together.

Because we didn't want to feel like terrible parents and only bribe J for potty success with mini marshmallows...

Cue the potty train.  
 For every success, J earned a train car for him to color and add to his potty train. And as much as I would love to say that he was smitten with the idea and soon became a potty master, after a day (and 8+ train cars) he really didn't care anymore.

Turns out he just needed his dad to be home so he could run in screaming, "I peed, I peed! Show Daddy!"

Moral of the story: Move over you cute colorful train. Dads make the best heroes and potty training motivators around here.

15 May 2014

Toddler Truths

Shouting at me under the closed bathroom door:
J: Elsa! It's me!

When we pray as a family, sometimes J wants to help. We've explained that we are talking to Heavenly Father and thanking him for all the many blessings we have. These are some recent things he is grateful for.

J: Thank you terrible cheese. Thank you happy cheese. (This is an everyday thing)
J: Thank you French book.Thank you other French book. (We have no French books)
J: Thank you fridge.
J: Thank you flowers at the church.
J: Thank you J's tummy.
J: Thank you J's belly button.

J washing his face in the swimming pool:
Joseph: J, are you shaving?
J: No. I shaved yesterday.

J: I'm Joseph! Joseph Pieper!

J: Go on Alaska Airlines with Mommy! [gasps] Tomorrow!

Reading a Spanish book with Joseph:
Joseph: That is a perro.
J: No! That is a brown dog.
Joseph: That is a gato.
J: No! That is a cat.
Joseph: Where is the caballo?
J: No! That is a black horse.
(Someone is learning Spanish whether he likes it or not!)

Jessica: J we're going to the grocery store because Mommy needs onions for dinner.
J: [gasps] Ooh! And cupcakes?!?
J: [gasps] Ooh! And doughnuts?!?
J: Sound good? OKAY!

06 May 2014

32 Weeks

*Confession! This picture was taken at 31 weeks, so imagine 
I'm just a liiiitle bit bigger.*

There is officially a baby in there. I guess there has been for a while, but she is finally making her presence known with kicks to the ribs quite frequently.

I'm currently enjoying the mocking emails every week reminding me that I still have two months to go. They also like to inform me that she will at least be doubling in size. My pants (and my ego) thank you. 

We're supposed to be gaining a pound a week now. Half a pound for me and half a pound for baby. SO glad we are learning to share from the beginning.

Best things about being hugely pregnant:
- LOTS of attention (if you like that sort of thing), especially from strangers.
- everyone is nice to me. Either because they feel bad for me or... yep that one.
- doing prenatal workout with J and watching him do squats and breathe deeply.
- skipping household chores to take naps.
- J walking up to my stomach and saying, "Hello baby sister!" 
- getting my extra 300 calories a day from chocolate chip cookies.
- I'm a lot more fun to play cars with now. J just has me lay on the ground while he goes, "up the big hill" and back down again. (I may or may not be napping during this.)

Best compliment came when Joseph said, "Hey! You don't even look pregnant from the front!"

The Final Countdown (aka, things to do before baby comes):
- Joseph has to take and pass the Audit section of the CPA Exam.
- Graduation/ Birthday/ Anniversary trip to British Columbia.
- Finish my NYIP professional photography course.
- I'm also going back to school (Yay!) online and have to have my first course completed on my due date.
- J needs to be potty trained. (And he is very disappointed that a train has nothing to do with potty training. What kind of joke is that?)

Easy right? Should be totally doable in eight weeks. Wish us luck!

01 May 2014


I had a chance to take some photographs of an adorable little boy this week. Oh wait, you've seen him before?

After a painful Easter weekend (somebody has four new teeth!), our little photo session was delayed a week. But now this boy is all smiles!
This was J's special Easter outfit made by his great- great- grandma Gardner. (He would say super super grandma! And I'm sure she was.) This adorable little outfit has been passed down through generations until it came into our hands after J was born. Nearly two years later and finally it fits!

The jacket. The pants with the buckles. I'm dying over here.
Even better than his adorable outfit was J's willingness to let me take his picture. Turns out this boy can suffer through anything if it means trucks are involved. 
 Look how he has grown! 
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