07 April 2014


Last month I had a birthday, and so did The Pieper Life blog! I can't believe it has already been a year. One year and hundreds (who's counting?) of pictures of J later, and we have this special little online scrapbook that journals our doings and adventures.

Yes this tie-dye cake was my birthday cake. And if you counted and were concerned, I was not turning 11, we simply ran out of birthday candles. 23 years old and I can count candles although Joseph will tell you that I'm sketchy when it comes to telling between right and left.
Favorite Family Posts:
-first post with J
-three year anniversary
-this little boy
-that one time "mommy spit it out!"
-a sister for J

Favorite Photography Posts:
-that one time I shot my brother-in-law
-favorite Lightroom presets
-photography didn't ruin my life
-50mm lens as a macro
-photographing pregnancy announcement

It was a great year (for myself and the blog), full of fun, growth, and great memories. But now that I can't dance like I'm 22 anymore... what's a girl to do?

04 April 2014

Toddler Truths

Turns out a two-year-old can say some pretty hilarious things. 

And sometimes some pretty embarrassing things, but I surely won't be sharing those things here. My apologies.

 Coming up and looking at my tummy:
J: What's in there?
J: Smells good!

Driving through Sagauro National Park (you know, the desert):
Jessica: J, see if you can find any animals out the window. Look for rabbits and turtles...
J: and fish! 

Jessica: What color is your baby sister?
J: Black!
[He's seen the ultrasound, he knows what he's talking about!]

Sitting on an airplane:
J: Plane's engines fall out.
[dramatic clap of hands]
J: All dead.
[repeated over and over again over the course of our flight]

Singing the ABC's together:
Jessica: ... now I know my ABC's...
J:         ... NO MINE ABCFGs... 

Joseph pats J's bum as he walks by:
[J turns around dramatically]
J: HEY! Be nice to bums! 

Looking out the window at breakfast:
J: Look! Look right there! A Llama! A llama upside-down in the tree!

Playing trucks, alone in his room:
J: Where are you going?
J: I'm going to look at seashells.
J: I'm going to look at armpits. Bye! 


03 April 2014

A Springtime Break 2

Days 1-4

Day 4 (cont): Saguaro National Park

Our last full day in Tucson, we took a curvy road which led out to Saguaro National Park. Again we were all impressed at the huge height of the cacti which seemed to stand like thousands of soldiers covering every mountain and plain around us.

We arrived just as the sun was setting and it was absolutely beautiful!


 Day 5: Reid Park Zoo, Tucson

Before heading to the airport that afternoon, we were all so excited about our planned trip to the zoo. J is very much an animal fan and we haven't had a chance to go to the zoo since he was a baby. 

We showed up first thing in the morning and were amazed to see so many animals out and about. J was in absolute heaven and couldn't stop giggling to himself. He loved talking to all the animals and trying to get them to come closer. 

We also paid for the three of us to get up close and personal with the giraffes and feed them carrots sticks! This was the best part, up until J's turn when he just threw his carrots at the giraffe's face. Thankfully Joseph saved the day and offered his carrots for J to try again. Weeks later and J is still talking about it! Making memories, check!

(I love that J has his tongue out in this picture, maybe he wants a carrot too!)

Flying home to Las Vegas from Tucson, we had a two hour layover in our favorite San Diego. And of course Joseph knew that the water was only a 10-minute walk from the airport. 

Best way to end a vacation ever! We enjoyed the warm, salty breeze while counting cruise ships and eating more ice cream. 

As soon as we got on the plane, J fell into a nice ice-cream induced nap and slept until we arrived in Las Vegas. All was perfect until J realized that he slept through the flight and wanted to go again.

Oh so good to be home!
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