05 June 2014

British Columbia

With a Canadian five-dollar note in our pocket and two stuffed backpacks (read: free personal items with Allegiant), we sent out on our international adventure to British Columbia. This trip was equal parts graduation, Joseph's birthday, four year anniversary, and babymoon celebration!

Our cultural experience began as we were waiting to take the ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. Only Loonies can ride the merry-go-round.

Coming from Las Vegas, we couldn't help but gush over all the green and the trees as we drove from Swartz Bay to our resort just outside of Victoria. We probably embarrassed ourselves by breathing too deeply with a nonsensical, "Smell the green!"

Now for the best surprise of the day, keep in mind it was Joseph's birthday. 

Way back almost four years ago, there were two slices of cheesecake waiting for us in the hotel mini fridge on our honeymoon. Ever since then, I have checked every hotel fridge we have stayed in just hoping that I would find something delicious. Surprisingly, I've never found any cheesecake. And I never thought Joseph knew what I was (obsessively) checking for.

Until I was checking out our room (fridge included) and found a whole plate of cheesecake! Joseph, on his birthday, arranged for management to have this delicious surprise waiting for me.

 I will admit, it was my favorite birthday of Joseph's that we have celebrated so far! Bits of cheesecake with every topping you could ever hope for. Whole hazelnuts, sliced strawberries, crystallized orange zest, caramel, and crushed cookies.

Best cheesecake and best husband ever.

The rest of our four day vacation was filled with yummy food...
 (Please don't ask how many Tim Hortons' doughnuts we ate. 
I would be embarrassed to tell you.)

...breathtaking scenery...

... and lots of friendly Canadians!

Although we were a little disappointed when we only heard "Eh?" once, we loved being around the Canadian people. Strangers would come and ask us about our trip, make suggestions, and wish us a nice vacation.

The Canadian animals were also especially welcoming. We saw killer whales from the ferry, 30+ black/brown bunnies enjoying the highway median, and more bald eagles than I have ever seen!

Did you notice the absence of pictures of J? Well because J went with us last time, we decided that we would let his little (in utero) sister come solo on this one. But don't worry, my family came down to spoil take care of J when his parents were gone. And no, he didn't miss us one little bit.
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