23 July 2014

Miss Ellie: Month One

Because I have regretted not giving J more than a letter, our new baby girl will be called Ellie on the blog. J will say we are playing favorites already.

Dear Miss Ellie,

Congratulations on being one month old!

Because you won't remember much of this month because you have been practically sleeping nonstop (no complaints), I thought I would share a little about you from birth to one month old.

You were born with long dark hair that has since started to curl. 
From the very beginning you have been a quiet and sleepy little girl. When you need something you will cry out once to get our attention but you really would rather not make a fuss. 

You love to smile! Awake or asleep, your crooked grin and dimples gets us every time.
- milk
- sleep
- having your hair brushed
- dancing with daddy
- tummy time

- hiccups
- burps
- being swaddled (you only pretend) 
- mom drinking milk and enjoying other dairy delights
It took a few weeks but now you and your brother are buddies (because he has finally acknowledged your existence). Your time spent together consists of learning to share toys and invading each others' bubbles. He has already adopted the role of protective older brother and provides helpful advice like, "Stay back Baby Ellie! Stay back!" or "Please stop crying Ellie. Please stop!" 

It is hard to believe that you have only been in our lives for a month when it seems like you have been here all along. You are a joy and we love you Miss Ellie.

Love, Mom

PS: I've been taking a photograph of you each week to see how you (and your double chins) grow and grow!

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