26 November 2014

Miss Ellie: Month Five

Oh Miss Ellie girl!

What happened this month? 

Besides the disappearance of your hair? Not much. Let's just take a minute to silently mourn and compose ourselves before we move on.
You still love that binky and you think it is adorable that you can pull it out and chew on it and then stick it back in all by yourself. 
You have come alive this month! We once thought we had a quiet and contemplative girl but we have been corrected (and love you still the same). 

You love to wake up at 6:30am and shriek loudly (think "Yay! I'm on a rollercoaster" scream, not crying angry screams), until you get J awake and shrieking in his room too. Good morning at the Pieper household.

You also go CRAZY over bath time. Girl you kick and splash and scream like you are going somewhere important, and it is adorable.

You go berserk watching J and Dad run around the house and play. You scream and kick and laugh and giggle just like you are part of the fun. 
Even though you have the hair-do of a balding man, people are gravitated towards you whenever we go out. Hair or no, you still have a charming personality and a smile that melts my heart. 

And those blue eyes just keep getting more blue!
I love this picture! 

This is exactly how I want to remember your naptimes. Snuggled up with your doll, binky, and hands crossed over your eyes. I see this several times a day and it is still so. darn. cute.
See your brother there? You guys are crazy for each other. 

Even though he isn't always as gentle with you as he should be, he usually has your best interest at heart. He fetches burp clothes, puts dirty cloth diapers in the pail, and sings you the sweetest songs. He can make you laugh and giggle like no one else can. 

This next month you will fly on your first airplane (get pumped!), visit family in Idaho for the first time, and celebrate your first Christmas! 


  1. Where in Idaho are you from?! My husband is from St. Anthony right outside of Rexburg!


    1. I know St. Anthony, we're from Idaho Falls. We're excited to fly in from California and have a real white Christmas!


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