18 October 2014

Miss Ellie: Month Four

Four months old! You rock girl!

Two nights ago I mentioned to your Dad that J had rolled from his back to his tummy by now. Since then you have been nonstop trying to roll over, and you've finally got it! It shows that you will NOT be outdone by anyone.

You love to sing (or what you think is singing). Last night I went to your room to tuck you in and tell you goodnight. I sang you "twinkle twinkle little star" as you began to doze off. As soon as I was finished, you spit your pacifier out with a smile and started shrieking high notes and then lower notes. Your Dad came in with a smile, "I thought you were putting her to bed!" 

Oh my girl you have our hearts. There is not a single day that goes by that we don't repeatedly gush over you, "You must be the most adorable and beautiful baby, ever!"

Even J, "I love her really much!" Don't we all.

You live to smile and giggle. If I am holding you while talking to someone, you cannot help but steal the show and smile and coo until you have all the attention. You bat your long eyelashes and pretend you are shy and then come right back again with more dimpled grins. 

This week in church we almost had to take you out, not because you were crying, but because your giggles and shrieks were getting quite loud as you talked to the whole congregation.

And your favorite person in the house? A cute little girl who lives in the mirror. You two have SO much in common and love to make each other laugh.

Obviously your smile is contagious.

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