18 September 2013

365: This Little Boy

Well I don't know how it happened. And I don't have any decent excuses as to why I missed it. 

All of a sudden there is a little boy sleeping in the crib that use to be for my baby. 

This little boy doesn't cry when we lay him in bed like the baby would, instead he calls out, "Bye trucks! Bye bye planes!" And then he sings himself to sleep.

Now instead of signing "more" in baby sign language, this little boy throws himself on the ground repeating, "down down down" in case we didn't see that he is throwing a tantrum to get what he wants.

More importantly, this little boy says, "tinkyou" and "mom" which are the best words ever. (!!)

He is also under the impression that "please" is best used when strung out for several seconds and uttered very close (read: touching) mom's face.

This little boy still loves books and after reading with Daddy, he always impresses me with his new vocabulary. This week he has been telling me all about the planes with engines and wings and the airport.

This little boy loves all things that move and uses his imagination in his play. He likes to tear his toast into pieces and drive them across the table making car noises and crashing them into one another.

It is hard to believe that this little boy is growing and learning so fast. Didn't he just turn one like...yesterday?

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