22 March 2013

365 Photography Project

This year I have been improving my photography by taking a picture everyday ( a 365 project or Project365, I've heard it both ways). It turns out that practice makes perfect. Who knew?

Three months into it and I am feeling mildly successful. I am in nowise perfect but I feel more confident with my camera and the images I am able to create.

In January I was following my daily prompts, taking pictures (sometimes all at once to catch up), and wondering if I was really going to stick with it. Some prompts made me feel inspired and creative. Others I left until the last day of the month and then forced myself to take poor pictures just so I could say I did it...
(see sink of dirty dishes).
{ resolve }
{ sunset }
{ snuggle }
By February I knew I had to do things differently or else I couldn't keep with it. I tried sticking with the prompts and thinking about them more creatively. It worked for a while...and then I started making up my own one or two word prompts to go with a picture I had already taken (cheating?). Oops again!
{ anticipation }
{ shadow }
{ abandoned all prompts at this point on...}

By March I finally realized that this was MY 365 photo project, for my benefit only. There were no rules and I could make up my own prompts, do the opposite of the prompts or, get this, not have a prompt at all and just photograph something that inspired me. Wow, thank you Capitan Obvious!
I am now so excited to see what happens in April! Thanks to all my friends and family on facebook that suffer through a picture day after day. Posting and sharing my pictures with you has been so fun and I appreciate all of your kind comments and support.

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