07 March 2013

Mr. One

We had a cake-smashin' good time at our house a few weeks ago. The homemade chocolate cake, (my first attempt, who knew cakes didn't only come from boxes?) 
I baked for J was at first only admired from afar and only causally poked.

It wasn't until a baby fork was provided that J realized the cake was for eating. 
And whatever else a one-year old does with free reign of a cake...

The cake was such a success that J decided to use his afternoon nap time for singing and dancing in his crib...for an hour...and never falling asleep. Thank you excessive sugar, we will be keeping our distance from now on. Sincerely, mama of the boy who needs to sleep.

Want to see how we did it? Check out my "Making of a Cake Smash" post.

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