17 April 2013

Month 14

Dear J, 

I think I say this every month, but this was my favorite month spent with you! Even though we had to do un-fun things like ride in the car for 11+ hours or pack and unpack zillions (true) of boxes, you were a trooper through it all. It amazes me to see how smart and independent you are becoming. It seems as though your main goal in life is to make others laugh and smile, eating cheese has become a close second.

This month you learned how to be a man.

You said your first word! Amen! While watching General Conference, you chimed in your own little "amen" after one of the speakers had finished. It makes your dad and I laugh every time we pray together. Maybe it means you are deeply spiritual? Or maybe just ready for talks/prayers to be over so you can get to the food?

You mixed up the baby signs for "help" and "more" resulting in a threatening hand gesture. You take one hand, form a fist, and then punch your other hand with it. Instead of saying "more" you are saying "you better give me what I want or you will get punched."

You also said your second word! We are still trying to figure out how this one slipped by us...CHEESE! This seemed so random because it is not a daily (or that important) word around the house. (What about mommy? I'm just saying...) 

Anyhow, one you learned about cheese you quickly learned to say it over and over again. You now like to climb in the fridge when the door is open, find the block of cheese and say, "Cheeese cheeeese cheeeese!" 

You fell in love with bubbles.

You decided that being outside for most of the day is a necessity and non-negotiable, even in freezing weather.

All around, I must say that it has been a most enjoyable and entertaining month. I look forward to more words, silly faces, and long days playing in the sun! Love, Mom (which is way easier to say than cheese, you should give it a try : )

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