05 April 2013


Trading the beautiful California weather for the... less than beautiful Idaho weather was absolutely worth it when we spent Easter weekend surrounded by family. Both sets of grandparents did their part to make up for our three month absence and J was in heaven, basking in all of the attention.

After church we took family pictures, with J cooperating most of the time. When I was setting up the tripod and composing the photograph, J would run around and everyone would try to get his attention. Then I would set the timer (my remote is packed in a box somewhere...), run and grab J, and try to pose us in the photograph all within ten seconds.

After a long afternoon nap, it was time to "hunt, hunt, hunt the eggs!" ( Sang to an upbeat jingle, courtesy of Dora the Explorer and the Hip Hop Bunny.)  

J was especially delighted when he realized he could open the eggs and eat the yogurt bites himself.
As a new little family we have very few Easter traditions, besides the obvious Easter egg hunt idea, what are your favorite things to do for Easter?  

I decided this year that Jelly Belly's now need to be a part of every Easter (and holiday in general).

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