21 June 2013

Watch Him Go

When out walking around the block J came across his favorite church with his favorite ramp. It is a fact that we cannot walk past the church until he has run up and down the said ramp at least nine times.

Well as he was doing his routine, I thought I would try to capture a picture of J using the panning technique. The goal being a relatively sharp subject on a blurred background to emphasize his motion and speed. All I had to do was set a long shutter speed (1/8 second) and turn my camera and body along with him as he ran past and I released the shutter.

Now let me interrupt your thoughts for a minute. I know what you are thinking, "Hey um, nice try but that is not at all sharp. It looks like a blur of a boy. Epic fail." But to your credit, I'm sure you would say it in a nice way (if you said it out loud at all).

In my defense, this was my first try and in the first shot his pants and a part of his arm are in sharp focus. And the others... well he looks more like he is a ghost or maybe Dash Parr?

Thankfully I take criticism well (meaning we can still be friends) and after reading an article or two about panning, I will be ready when we come to that ramp tomorrow.

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