16 August 2013

Month 18

Dear Big Boy J,

Let me start off by apologizing to you. Mom is so so sorry that you are spending your 18 month mark strapped into a car seat and stuck in the car for 8+ hours. It really isn't fair to take such a wild and free-roaming boy and make him sit still, but we have to get to Vegas somehow. I promise when we get there we will let you run around and...oh wait! It will be hot hot hot outside. Will you settle for an indoor, air-conditioned wiggle session?

This month you have become a little imitator, copying everything we do. You love trying out new words that you hear and it is fun for us to communicate with you on a new level. During our daily routine of watching cars on the corner, you wave goodbye to the trucks as they pass and then turn and say, "More Trucks Please!?!"

It is also quite adorable when we ask you if you want to go outside and you begin looking for your shoes. I'm never quick enough with the camera, but you always put your hands up in the air and say, "where'd go? shoes?" with a very concerned look on your face.

 This month you learned that you can get just about anything you want when you tell mommy "please" with a cute little grin.
You've also discovered that you LOVE strawberries and raspberries (like, you cannot survive without them!), and Grandpas know where the juiciest ones hide.

Your art easel is your new favorite place to express yourself. And you learned that mom can draw trucks and so you demand them daily.

This month I accidentally created a bug killing machine. After seeing mommy SPLAT a fly you now hunt down all the bugs, and get there just a few seconds too late. But being your thorough self, you still swat the vacant spot and say, "where'd go? bug?"
We are so very happy that you joined our family a year and a half ago! You have brought us so many laughs and we can't wait to see what you come up with next. 

Love, Mom

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  1. He is growing up. I love the way you write about him...I can totally feel what you are saying! You not only take beautiful pictures but you are a natural when it comes to writing.


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