05 February 2016

Temple Going

We take our weekends pretty seriously around here. With Joseph's busy season in its full tumultuous swing, our one day of pure bliss and Pieper family do-whatever-we-want-day is Saturday. 

Last Saturday we filled to the rim with library, Target, Krispy Kreme, and grocery store runs. After a crazy fun morning and afternoon naps, we decided (after some prompting from Ellie) to take a family field trip to the temple grounds.

Visiting the temple here in Sacramento really is the whole package.
Large grassy places to play, check. 
Fountains, check. 
Wild turkeys and geese to chase, check. 

On this particular Saturday it was very overcast with a determination to rain. We wandered. We explored. I relished the beautiful moody clouds.

I ended up with J by my side as I was photographing the temple. I loved hearing his thought process as he quietly snuck around looking for traces of turkeys. Every sound he heard MUST have been a turkey hiding around the next turn. 

Much to our dismay, the turkeys managed to evade us. Do the sounds of small children scare wildlife?  

We returned home with pockets full of acorns and a sincere, indescribable appreciation for the knowledge that because of temples, our family can be together forever.

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