07 May 2013

365: Mischievous Smiles

Today I was enjoying a blissful moment of silence until I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. J wandered off when I was on the phone with the doctor. He isn't making ANY noise. How could I let him get away?!

I quickly started racing around the house calling his name. All I hear in return are little giggles. "Well at least he is alive," I thought. Alive and obviously up to no good.

Finally I found him! As I came through the doorway he looked up at me innocently, holding my sparkly cream eyeshadow in his hands. I took a deep breath when I saw that no damage was done. He had only smeared a small amount on the bathroom floor. While putting the eyeshadow away in the drawer, J turned into the light and I saw the true crime.

May 6th { smiles }
Sparkly cream eyeshadow all over his mouth! This picture was taken after he had tried to conceal his mischief from me, but you can see that he missed a spot : )

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