12 July 2013

Session Three: Families are Silly

I absolutely loved working with this family! I might be the tiniest bit biased because we are related (and they fed us beforehand), but these kids were packed full of personality and laughs.

This was one of my favorite locations because it was at their beautiful house and yard (with farm animals included!). I loved asking the kids about their favorite animals and seeing their surprised expressions when my husband made faces behind me.
 Working with older children was more difficult than the younger babies (when I just had to shake a rattle for them to look) because I was forced to be more of an entertainer. And believe me, they would let me know if my jokes weren't funny.
And when I said, "Only five more pictures, I promise! I need you to help me count!" They would count with me until we reached five and then they were done. My final and favorite shot came AFTER I had finished the five pictures and the kids stopped posing and smiling.
I saw this photograph as the essence of family life. Families (especially children) are anything but posed and perfect angels. Families are rowdy. Families are silly. 

Families are so full of love that even when your kids are climbing all over you during family pictures, you manage to smile and say, "Bring it on!"

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