07 August 2013

365: July Favorites

Seven months of my 365 project are complete and it feels amazing! These are just a few of my favorite images from the month that weren't able to sneak into a blog post somewhere. 

The first image, is J's favorite pair of shoes. This boy (thanks to his Grandmas) has so many shoes, but he will only wear this pair. I wanted to get a close up of these shoes (that will soon wear out) because they go through so much abuse and so many adventures on J's feet. They are also accomplices to his many mischievous acts.

The second image is a group of daisies in my mom's front yard. I was out in her yard, talking on the phone with Joseph, when my little sister came home and asked why I was taking pictures of the weeds. Oh sister! I know what I am doing.

The third image took place when we were at a park enjoying an ice cream cone when a lady bug decided to pay a visit. (TWO shoe pictures in one month, seems a little strange doesn't it?)

The fourth image was taken with my arm extended using our point and shoot camera. This was right before we ran our first 5K together as a family! It was early and semi-cold but we were so excited to get moving. 

We are now training for a 10K, but don't tell the little guy. Being strapped into the stroller for 30 minutes is enough torture, he might not survive 60 minutes.

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