03 September 2013

365: August Favorites

Well August has surely been exciting for the Pieper family and I was happy to capture our lives in photographs during this crazy time. I really didn't know how we would survive this month and now that it is over I am happy to take a deep breath and prepare for a little normalcy.

Vegas living has come (unexpectedly) naturally to our little family. We love soaking up the sun at the pool, playing at the unlimited parks, watching airplanes take off and land, and having tons of options for shopping and eating out. (Which we don't do because alas, we are still college students.)

I am excited for the new opportunities to photograph a new place and to take in the desert beauty of Las Vegas. I am also excited to get into a more normal blogging schedule because finally all of the boxes are unpacked!

PS: Can you tell which of the above pictures were taken in Vegas?

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