05 February 2014

A Brother

A little friend was added to our family this week. 

This little friend cost a quarter from one of those "try and pick up something that is either too big or too small for the claw to grasp in ten seconds" kind of games. 

Turns out my husband has master skills and snatched this little white turtle up for J in just one try. Obviously it was meant to be.

The whole way home J was beaming and talking about his little sea turtle. When we got home, J placed the turtle in the grass so he could eat.

We then talked about how sea turtles like to go swimming. I found J's bug mansion from his bug TogetherBox and put some water in the bottom.

This was our following conversation-
Jessica: J, what is your turtle's name?
J: Hm... butter.
Jessica: Butter?

At this point I was left speechless because of pure adorableness. We have talked about how J will have a little brother or sister in a few months, but I guess he was tired of waiting.

And so we did what you should do with all brothers, we played at the park all morning. J was very insistent that they take turns going down the slide and swinging. And here I am continuing to die from this touching mommy moment.

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