14 February 2014


This week J accompanied me to my 20-week check-up. (Halfway!) He was so relieved when I told him that it was mommy's doctor and he would not be touched or poked. As soon as I'd convinced him, he spent the rest of the visit smiling and flirting with the nurses.

On this visit J listened as the doctor found our baby's heart beat. When we later picked Joseph up from school, J told him about the heart that went, "blump blump blump."

Today I pulled out colored paper, sparkly heart cutouts, and stickers with the intention of making Valentines for his mailbox.

J was much more interested in deconstructing the watercolors. Popping the colors in and out and then telling me they were boats. His focused intensity with his serious eyebrows kill me every. time.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... if you were expecting a Valentine from J this year you should forget it. Turns out he has way more important things to do. Like trying to eat the watercolors when he thinks mom isn't looking...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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