19 February 2014

A Sister

Last week I announced the arrival of J's brother, and this week we are even more thrilled to announce that a little sister will be arriving this July!! (A real sister, not a plastic turtle.)

I had big plans for announcing the gender of our little baby. Then life happened, as it always does, and we resorted to plan b. I'm almost ashamed to call this an idea at all.

Let's tie a colored balloon to our toddler and let him run around while we take pictures of him! Creative right? Turns out this is not simple when you go the day after Valentine's and everyone is out of pink balloons. I found one.

Although we kept it low key and quite unimpressive, I loved the afternoon walking around with my boys at Lake Las Vegas.

We are all so so so excited that a little girl will be joining our family! I am especially relieved because my mommy senses told me it was a girl (and so I shared when people asked) and that would have been so embarrassing if I was wrong.

Did I mention how adorable it sounds when J says, "baby sister"?

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