24 March 2014

Bucket List: Grand Canyon

I can't remember if we planned to go to the Grand Canyon because it was on my bucket list, or if I put it on my bucket list because we were already planning on going to the Grand Canyon... but either way, my first photograph is crossed off my list!

I honestly couldn't decide which photograph of the Grand Canyon I like more, so I'll let both be bucketlisters together!

The top photograph was taken at sunset with the beautiful colors shining on the massive wall of the canyon. This photograph is an HDR composite, meaning that I took three exposures from the exact same position and then merged them together on the computer, giving a huge range of highlights to shadows. 

The second photograph is also at sunset, at a similar location but this one is facing the setting sun. I loved the rich light streaking through the trees and the shadows of the dark canyon and Colorado River below.

 Both photographs were taken amidst a group of photographers with their National Geographic field-guides (gulp!) who had way fancier equipment than I did (double gulp!). 

Once my nerves recovered and I stopped shivering, I was truly able to enjoy this spectacular view with my fellow photographers trying to capture just a slice of this amazing sight.

This was just one evening of our Spring Break road trip through Arizona. Stay tuned for race cars, giraffe tongues, and of course, airplanes!

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