25 March 2014


We had to document this day when we realized that we were all twenty-five something.

Joseph is 25 years old.
I'm 25 weeks pregnant.
J is 25 months old.
Baby Girl Pieper is 25 (gestational) weeks old. 

Seriously, what are the chances of that ever happening again!?

When one of my Activity Day girls saw me  this week, all she could say was, "Whoa!" Meaning yes, my belly had finally popped out and I was looking very much pregnant. 

It's funny how when you are pregnant (and obviously showing) it is an invitation for random strangers to start conversations with you while looking at your belly and not your eyes. Starting with, "When are you due?" or "Do you know what you're having?". Never mind those silly introductions like, "Hi my name is (blank)." Let's just jump to the good stuff, "Do you mind if I stare at your body and ask personal questions?"

Oh the joys of being pregnant (and complete strangers taking interest!). Only 15 more weeks and then it will be all worth it.

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