21 March 2014

Mr. Two

J had a birthday, shout hooray! 

(And we're just going to pretend like this isn't a month late, okay?)

We started with a relaxed day of opening presents, skyping grandparents, and making a birthday cake. 

(On a side note, all the animals are still inside the ark. 
I guess it hasn't been 40 days and nights yet?)

After a nice afternoon nap (unlike last year) we headed to our favorite park to meet friends for cake. J helped by crash landing the jet planes into the cake for a more authentic look.
After eating cake, we walked down to the lake to feed the local geese and ducks. We ended the day by heading to the airport (surprise!) to watch the airplanes take off and land. I love that this little boy of mine is so easy to please.

Happy Birthday (a month late) little man!

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