06 May 2014

32 Weeks

*Confession! This picture was taken at 31 weeks, so imagine 
I'm just a liiiitle bit bigger.*

There is officially a baby in there. I guess there has been for a while, but she is finally making her presence known with kicks to the ribs quite frequently.

I'm currently enjoying the mocking emails every week reminding me that I still have two months to go. They also like to inform me that she will at least be doubling in size. My pants (and my ego) thank you. 

We're supposed to be gaining a pound a week now. Half a pound for me and half a pound for baby. SO glad we are learning to share from the beginning.

Best things about being hugely pregnant:
- LOTS of attention (if you like that sort of thing), especially from strangers.
- everyone is nice to me. Either because they feel bad for me or... yep that one.
- doing prenatal workout with J and watching him do squats and breathe deeply.
- skipping household chores to take naps.
- J walking up to my stomach and saying, "Hello baby sister!" 
- getting my extra 300 calories a day from chocolate chip cookies.
- I'm a lot more fun to play cars with now. J just has me lay on the ground while he goes, "up the big hill" and back down again. (I may or may not be napping during this.)

Best compliment came when Joseph said, "Hey! You don't even look pregnant from the front!"

The Final Countdown (aka, things to do before baby comes):
- Joseph has to take and pass the Audit section of the CPA Exam.
- Graduation/ Birthday/ Anniversary trip to British Columbia.
- Finish my NYIP professional photography course.
- I'm also going back to school (Yay!) online and have to have my first course completed on my due date.
- J needs to be potty trained. (And he is very disappointed that a train has nothing to do with potty training. What kind of joke is that?)

Easy right? Should be totally doable in eight weeks. Wish us luck!

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