31 May 2014

Potty Train

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we wanted J to be potty trained by the time the new baby came. And by "we" of course I mean Joseph and myself because the trainee wasn't so interested.

We watched movies, read terrible books, and even sang songs about the potty. All the advice I received would naturally drive me crazy, "Just wait until he is ready." 

Two weeks ago Joseph finished grad school and we decided we would tackle the potty training together.

Because we didn't want to feel like terrible parents and only bribe J for potty success with mini marshmallows...

Cue the potty train.  
 For every success, J earned a train car for him to color and add to his potty train. And as much as I would love to say that he was smitten with the idea and soon became a potty master, after a day (and 8+ train cars) he really didn't care anymore.

Turns out he just needed his dad to be home so he could run in screaming, "I peed, I peed! Show Daddy!"

Moral of the story: Move over you cute colorful train. Dads make the best heroes and potty training motivators around here.

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