15 May 2014

Toddler Truths

Shouting at me under the closed bathroom door:
J: Elsa! It's me!

When we pray as a family, sometimes J wants to help. We've explained that we are talking to Heavenly Father and thanking him for all the many blessings we have. These are some recent things he is grateful for.

J: Thank you terrible cheese. Thank you happy cheese. (This is an everyday thing)
J: Thank you French book.Thank you other French book. (We have no French books)
J: Thank you fridge.
J: Thank you flowers at the church.
J: Thank you J's tummy.
J: Thank you J's belly button.

J washing his face in the swimming pool:
Joseph: J, are you shaving?
J: No. I shaved yesterday.

J: I'm Joseph! Joseph Pieper!

J: Go on Alaska Airlines with Mommy! [gasps] Tomorrow!

Reading a Spanish book with Joseph:
Joseph: That is a perro.
J: No! That is a brown dog.
Joseph: That is a gato.
J: No! That is a cat.
Joseph: Where is the caballo?
J: No! That is a black horse.
(Someone is learning Spanish whether he likes it or not!)

Jessica: J we're going to the grocery store because Mommy needs onions for dinner.
J: [gasps] Ooh! And cupcakes?!?
J: [gasps] Ooh! And doughnuts?!?
J: Sound good? OKAY!

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