17 June 2013

Month 16

Happy Sweet Sixteen Months!

Thankfully your sixteenth month hasn't been as stressful as I'm sure your sixteenth year will be. Lately you have a teenager sized attitude, but at least I don't have to deal with dating and driving too.

Last June when I was writing your four month letter, I was most excited about you rolling from your back to your front. Now I am excited when I can catch you long enough on your back to change your diaper. Oh the changes a year brings!
Obviously you still have the same dark blue/grey/green eyes and I still pose you on the bathroom rug right before you get in the tub. (But now you get hungry before bath time and need a snack?)

A year ago I was thrilled to take you to the zoo to see the animals for the first time. (Because everyone knows that a four month old appreciates... never mind. I'll admit it was more for me). This year you are able to recognize and say the names and sounds of certain animals! Some of your favorites are ducks, dogs, and birds.
We even had a nest of baby robins right outside our bedroom window which you thought was awesome, until Dad started feeding them your strawberries.
You thought that was NOT okay.

Last year we were tickled if you noticed when we came into a room and greeted us with a smile. This year, we were ecstatic when we left you overnight with grandparents for the first time and you didn't even notice we were gone. (Well happy for the most part but just the tiniest bit sad you didn't miss us).

For a boy of sixteen months, you seem to pick up on things quickly. Too quickly. Whenever I get the camera out you say,"CHEESE!" and give me the cheesiest, crooked smile that you have. Now I have to be especially careful and quiet when I want to capture you with a normal expression.
Oh the photographer in me hopes you grow out of this phase! But at the same time, the mommy in me says, "Oh how I love that adorable little weirdo of mine!"

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