26 June 2013

365: Life Skills

The vacuum comes out and I have a helper, oh yes I do! J is quite persistent about being responsible for the messes he makes (ha!). 

"Oh mom, let me take care of that for you!" He says (in my dreams...
where he also changes his own diapers and sleeps in on Saturday mornings). 
"You really should just go curl up with a book and a cookie 
while I track down the grapes I dropped." 
I'd like to think that this new found love for the vacuum will continue, possibly forever and always. I can just see J's sweet young wife in twenty-something years, thanking me profusely for teaching my son the value of a clean and well-vacuumed carpet (or hardwood) floor. 
He also has started unloading the dishwasher (whether clean or dirty). So if anyone is in need of an adorable helper for simple chores, I know just the guy!

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