05 June 2013

Three Years

Three years ago today, Joseph and I were married and our adventure as a little family began. We had everything planned out and we knew exactly what this life had in store for us. We would never fight, never disagree, and NEVER forget to replace an empty toilet paper roll.

Oh, and we were completely and totally in love!
After months of being married, we thought it was the greatest compliment when people still thought we were newlyweds. In our minds, this newly-married giddy love was what all the older married folk wished they still had. 
After three years of marriage, I now see our mistake.

Our newly-married love was nothing compared to the love that came when life was harsh and unforgiving (the empty toilet paper roll). 
The love that came when sacrifices were made and dreams were put on hold. 
The love that came when unplanned adventures helped us grow closer together.
The love that came when we made mistakes and had to laugh and learn together. 
The love that came when my husband became a father.
I'm so grateful that love increases with time and I have forever to watch our love grow and bloom!

Happy Anniversary to us!

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