04 April 2014

Toddler Truths

Turns out a two-year-old can say some pretty hilarious things. 

And sometimes some pretty embarrassing things, but I surely won't be sharing those things here. My apologies.

 Coming up and looking at my tummy:
J: What's in there?
J: Smells good!

Driving through Sagauro National Park (you know, the desert):
Jessica: J, see if you can find any animals out the window. Look for rabbits and turtles...
J: and fish! 

Jessica: What color is your baby sister?
J: Black!
[He's seen the ultrasound, he knows what he's talking about!]

Sitting on an airplane:
J: Plane's engines fall out.
[dramatic clap of hands]
J: All dead.
[repeated over and over again over the course of our flight]

Singing the ABC's together:
Jessica: ... now I know my ABC's...
J:         ... NO MINE ABCFGs... 

Joseph pats J's bum as he walks by:
[J turns around dramatically]
J: HEY! Be nice to bums! 

Looking out the window at breakfast:
J: Look! Look right there! A Llama! A llama upside-down in the tree!

Playing trucks, alone in his room:
J: Where are you going?
J: I'm going to look at seashells.
J: I'm going to look at armpits. Bye! 


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