07 April 2014


Last month I had a birthday, and so did The Pieper Life blog! I can't believe it has already been a year. One year and hundreds (who's counting?) of pictures of J later, and we have this special little online scrapbook that journals our doings and adventures.

Yes this tie-dye cake was my birthday cake. And if you counted and were concerned, I was not turning 11, we simply ran out of birthday candles. 23 years old and I can count candles although Joseph will tell you that I'm sketchy when it comes to telling between right and left.
Favorite Family Posts:
-first post with J
-three year anniversary
-this little boy
-that one time "mommy spit it out!"
-a sister for J

Favorite Photography Posts:
-that one time I shot my brother-in-law
-favorite Lightroom presets
-photography didn't ruin my life
-50mm lens as a macro
-photographing pregnancy announcement

It was a great year (for myself and the blog), full of fun, growth, and great memories. But now that I can't dance like I'm 22 anymore... what's a girl to do?

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