20 May 2013

Month 15

Dear J,

This month I was thinking about where we were as a family a year ago. Last year at this time I wrote you a similar letter to the one I'm writing now, except it was for J at three months old.
One year ago I was so excited that you were just beginning to grasp toys with your hands. I was so proud that you could finally hold your head up! I was delighted then that you would hear our voices and turn your head to find us. One year ago you had barely started smiling at us after months and months of scowls and angry eyes.

When I think about who you are now, it is hard to imagine that quiet, contemplative, immobile little guy.

This month you have decided to live up to your new nickname of "circus boy" by climbing on top of just about everything in sight. You climb on kitchen chairs which leads to kitchen tables (and peanut butter!). You climb the counter height chairs which leads to the kitchen counter! 

Let's just say you are under close surveillance now.

While trying to convince your parents that you desperately need a dog, you took the vacuum for walks around the house. You were very persistent, even when the vacuum didn't want to budge.

This month you have also expanded your vocabulary to include shoes, juice, peaches, ball, yogurt, bubbles, and Grandpa. Your favorite word by far is still cheese. When we ask if you want to eat, you always respond with a big smile and ,"cheese cheeeeese cheeese!" You have even learned to open the fridge so you can find cheese for yourself.

You are on your way to being an independent boy, and I couldn't be more proud! Love, Mom

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