04 May 2013

365: A New Focus on Me

May 3rd { a new focus on me }
My library bookshelf to be exact. We are library-lovers at the Pieper house! Being less than a mile from our public library means that we walk there nearly daily. We bring home more and more books each time.

J loves the board book shelves at the library, the kids' computers (he just sits in the tiny chairs and dutifully types at the keyboards), and the comfy couches that look like books. He always manages to bring home something with a puppy on it.

Joseph loves learning about new and exotic places, near and far, and so he brings home travel and National Geographic books with the occasional Backpacker magazine.

Can you tell my interests?

With a new sewing machine (yay!) for a birthday present from my mom, I'm trying to learn the Martha way. I seem to have a strange love for cookbooks. Even with the many recipes on the blogs I follow and Pinterest, I seem to always want to come back to a book. I am loving the Cook's Illustrated Cookbook with iconic perfect recipes for so many common and completely new to me dishes.

I just finished Happier at Home, Janssen's suggestion, and I have loved my new outlook on life, home, and happiness. Part of being happy is to eliminate the things in life that you feel guilty about, hence the family history book. Doing family history makes me happy because I don't feel guilty for not doing it. (This is still a work in progress).

And finally, photography! Even though I am taking a professional photography course right now, I still feel the need for MORE reading material. I have checked out both of these books, Mamarazzi by Stacy Wasmuth and Your Baby in Pictures by Me Ra Koh, several times and I love the simple and direct way they teach everyday moms how to take great pictures of their kids. I cannot recommend them enough!

Aaaand that was a very long post about my boring bookshelf with zero pictures of my cute little man! That seems a little unfair and dull.

So here you go : )

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