06 May 2013

365: A Walk and Where I Live

May 4th { walk }
Lately all the Piepers do is walk. You've probably seen us around town and thought, "Those Piepers sure are far from home." Yes we were. Thanks for noticing.

J is a miserable teething boy and being in the house all day makes him stir crazy. Which makes us crazy. When the weather is pleasant (and even not so much so) we grab our shoes, stroller, and camera, and head out the door.

**We interupt this post for a side note about shoes! J has learned the word "shoes" (sounds like jews). When we ask him to find his shoes, he toddles around searching and usually comes back to us with a shoe or two. I must say, it is adorable!**

On this particular walk I set my camera on the sidewalk, set the ten-second timer, and let J run at the camera. I was hoping to catch us walking along leisurely as a family.

Well J started running at the camera and so I did too (for obvious reasons). The shutter snapped a picture (sans head and body) just before J was able to grab it.

(Insert sigh of relief)

May 5th { where I live }
This is where we live. It is a cute little green house with lots of room, inside and out, for J to run and play. Shown is his favorite window (notice the hand/face prints) where he sits and/or lays on the back of the couch and watches for dogs and garbage trucks.

Oh I will miss this little house when we move in August!

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