30 October 2013

365: Halloween

Remember when my baby J was a puppy for Halloween last year? Okay now you do. 

Well this year I thought it would be fun if he was a puppy again this year. (Read: the costume still fit and I thought it would be cute and easy on my part.) 

False. The puppy costume would not be worn no matter what I tried. Instead the puppy costume was carried around, kissed, and pushed in the stroller. Second option, a dog walker who pushes dogs in a stroller. Original I know!

This week when I was folding laundry I came across a pair of Wrangler jeans and the cutest plaid cowboy shirt. Add a stick pony and we have ourselves a cowboy! 

The pony was also carried around, kissed, and tucked into bed. This cowboy sure knows how to take care of his animals.

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