23 October 2013

365: My Little Jet

Have you ever wondered if you gave your child the wrong name? I have.

And by wrong I don't mean WRONG just, "Oh that name might have suited him/her better than his/her given name." 

When I was pregnant with J, choosing a name for him was always an ongoing discussion. Joseph and I decided from the beginning to keep the names between us to avoid any outside opinions. You know, like the Texas Roadhouse waitress that wants you to pick her son's name because she LOVES her son's name. 

We always had a few names that I liked, he liked, and (depending on the day) we both liked. One of the names we mostly agreed on for our little boy was Jet. (Or Jett, we never worked out the spelling.) My husband loves airplanes and we pictured an energetic ball of energy just like his dad. It was perfect!

But then we had doubts. What if he is a calm and quiet boy? (Now I'm laughing that we ever worried about this!) What if he doesn't enjoy airplanes like his dad? What if what if what if. 

Oh and then Joseph insisted that his middle name be Jackson. (Like Jett Jackson from that show when we were kids. His other favorite name was Colby Jack. Yes, the cheese.)

By the time J came into the world, we had given up on trying to make Jet work and decided on a more traditional name that I (secretly) had been calling him from day 1.

And then what happened? Our little boy grew up, fell in love with airplanes, and runs around the house at jet speed all day. I guess he always will be our little jet plane.

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