19 September 2013

Photography Didn't Ruin my Life

Recently I stumbled upon Courtney's blog post, How Photography Ruined my Life, over at Click It Up A Notch. (Notice all the links? Yes, they mean to need to take action  and let her teach you about photography!)

Now when I started reading I thought she would say, "just kidding, photography is awesome, DUH!" 

But as I read, she did not take back her words and as I continued I realized that photography has ruined my life as well. Bummer.

I realized that I too use to be able to just enjoy photographs for the people included, the memories they held, and the feelings they inspired. Now as my knowledge and eye for photography has increased, so has my criticism. I see blurry. I see weird colors. I see crooked horizons.

Maybe it is the optimist in me, but I began to make a list of the ways that my love for photography has improved and enriched my life.

Proof that photography didn't (completely) ruin my life :

1. I've come to accept recently that I am a home-body. I am a happy girl at home as long as I make it to the library at least once a week. (Opposite of my boys, they need adventure and fresh air!)

Being a photographer has forced me to go outside my little bubble and explore the world. Because I do not want 365 pictures of the inside of my house when I am finished with my project, I enjoy the challenge to find fun and beautiful places to visit with my family.

When my husband wants to get me somewhere, he just has to say, "You can take pictures...." and I am out the door ready to make memories and photographs along the way! 

2. Being a photographer, I look at messes (big and small) as a photo opportunity. Before I can think about the damage and the time the mess will take to clean up, I am running for my camera and thinking of my beginning camera settings. 

Then I go into my mode, taking pictures of the culprit and his disaster. I've found that after I have gotten images I am happy with, the mess and all the chaos is so much easier to deal with. This makes for a happier, less-stressed, and calmer mom.

eating eyeshadow! sparkly and delicious!
"Yes there is (insert disaster here) but at least I can blog about it!"

3.Being a photographer, I am able to remember and enjoy my memories with my family so much more because I have tons of pictures!

Sure we don't have many posed family pictures, but I have captured all of the moments that define our little family. Now I appreciate all of the small and beautiful things that I do have instead of focusing on the things I am lacking.

These photographs prove to me that I lead a happy and very blessed life. 

And that makes me very happy.

And when I am so happy, it is easy to forget that photography ruined my life in the first place.


  1. You take GORGEOUS photos. Seriously - just beautiful.

  2. I love this post...I read her link before and again today and had a lot of similar feelings.


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