27 September 2013

50mm Lens to Macro in 10 Steps

1. Find a subject in good light, preferably a subject that would be interesting up close and isn't moving. Hello pineapple!

2. In manual or aperture priority mode, set your aperture in the f/5.6-10 range.  Then set your shutter speed (at least 1/125 seconds) and ISO to achieve correct exposure. 

Need help? How to Shoot in Manual Mode- The Basics!

3. With the camera still on and set to exposure settings, place on a flat surface with the lens facing up.

4. Find the depth of field (dof) preview button and press it down. You will see your lens stop down to your set aperture.

5. While pressing down the depth of field preview button, use your other hand to press the lens detach button and twist the lens off. This took me some practice! 

Here's how I do it, right hand pointer finger pressing and holding dof preview button. Left hand comes up over the top of the lens, the side of my left middle finger pressing the lens detach button while my left thumb and pointer finger grip and twist off the lens. 

(You won't be photographing yourself as you do this, so use both hands and put the first two pictures together.)

6. Take off your lens very carefully. (If you did this correctly you will see your lens stopped down).

7. Flip the lens around and place it on the opening of the camera.

8. Now you are ready to shoot! Carefully pick up your camera body with one hand and your lens with the other. Remember, you just spent the last few minutes getting them separated!

9. Hold your camera to your face and the lens to the camera and move close to your subject until it is in focus. Don't be surprised when you have to get REALLY close! 

Take a first shot to check the exposure and focus. If the image is underexposed try a slower shutter speed or bump up the ISO. Because your lens isn't mounted to the camera body, light can leak in and cause overexposure (bad) or artistic flair (good). If this happens, just adjust the lens to cover the camera sensor and keep shooting.

10. Shoot, shoot, shoot! This may not be easy in the beginning but I promise it will get better and you will love the artistic images you will create. 

And believe me, it can be addicting, use with caution.

Happy Shooting! And please feel free to send me your questions or macro images!

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