26 September 2013

365: Cheerios and Childhood

Not a surprise, but the first word out of J's mouth each morning is the one thing most pressing on his mind. Sometimes he says thought provoking and intriguing ideas. 

But usually he just screams, "CEREAL!" (or, "TRUCKS!")

This boy is an eating machine. It isn't uncommon for him to eat more than I do at breakfast. And where does all this food go, you ask? It must be going to brain power to say words like bulldozer and ambulance because we all know he continues to stay in the 8% percentile for weight. 

Oh well. With two tall skinny parents what more could we want?

Last night at dinner he saw the cheese and held it up to his face and said over and over, "Oh cheese! Oh cheese!" This morning it was, "Oh cereal! OH cereal!" (Said with a voice filled with awe and adoration.)

I sure hope Joseph and I don't talk to our food like that. Hm, maybe to each other but certainly not to our Cheerios.

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