11 September 2013

Homework Reflections

Yesterday I was working with peaches and pluots for a set up in my mini-studio (aka kitchen table by the window) for my next photo project. I'm currently on Unit 3 which is all about different kinds of lighting and how to use them most effectively. This photo project focused on the use of a reflector as a second light source.

Prompt: Set up a simple group of objects, such as a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers. Put your camera on a tripod. Your light (sunlight, window light, or a light from an incandescent bulb) should come from about 45 degrees to one side. Turn off all other lights. Do not use flash.

Take the first picture.

Do not change anything. Do not move the camera, the subject, or the main source of light. Do not change the aperture, shutter speed, or focal length. Place a reflector (in my case, a large piece of white cardboard) on the side opposite the light source. Move the reflector closer and farther from the subjects until you are satisfied with the way it lightens the shadows.

Take the second picture.
Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC)
It was so simple to bounce the light onto the other side of the bowl to fill in all shadows. And yes, you can use post-processing to lighten the shadows but getting the photo you want in camera and saving yourself editing time is so. much. better! This simple exercise is easy to do and a great lesson in manipulating light.

Who knew food could be so beautiful? I fell in love with the contrasting color of the red/orange fruit with the blue bowl.  I've decided that food photography is fun (and tasty) so I will be attempting more in the future.

An excuse to make new recipes from my pinterest board AND practice my food photography?? Yep, that sounds like the best (tasting) idea ever.

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